Want to get rid of gastric or acidity?

The name Gastric or acidity is very well-known in our daily life. Although doctors differ between the two, chest puffs or stomach pumps from the common people are used to mean gastric or acidity. In medical science, it is also called as a Peptic ulcer. There may be a lot of problems in the stomach due to gas. If the intensity of pain in the chest increases, it is impossible. Then there is no way of relieving from gastric pain without eating medicine. There may be problems for our gas due to various reasons. But in the initial stage, these problems can be controlled by some regulations and domestic food. And some of these domestic solutions are discussed below:


Garlic is a unique functional ingredient to get rid of the problem of gas. Garlic, pepper powder, coriander and cumin powder mixed together in water should be boiled. If the water is boiled, it will have to be separated. After cooling the water, drink it twice a day mixing with a teaspoon of honey. This will bring you good results. Garlic soup is also very effective in reducing the problem of gas.


Ginger can regain control of chest pain within a very short period of time. Ginger also helps a lot in digestion. Eating a piece of ginger before or after eating every day gives good results. After Boiling ginger in hot water and drink it in the morning is quite beneficial for the body.

Round peppercorns

Black pepper powder is considered very important in Ayurvedic treatment. These powders play a significant role in reducing acidity and indigestion in the body. Round pepper powder helps spread the hydraulic acid, which helps reduce stomach acidity. Ginger &  pepper mixed with pomegranate or sugar cane molasses can produce very good results. Round pepper powder, ginger powder, coriander powder and an equal amount of dried mint leaves will be mixed together and mixed with milk twice a day.,-Eau-de-Parfum)/16683

Black cumin

Black cumin is very useful to reduce acidity pain. Black cumin has many medicinal properties. Black cumin mixed with tea has great benefit for health. To prepare the black cumin tea, first of all, give one teaspoon black cumin in a cup of hot water. Boil it well.  Then mix a teaspoon of honey with a cup this soup.  Drink it before lunch or at dinner. It helps a lot in digestion.


 Kefir (Curd)

These drinks made of soup yogurt are said to be locally known as whey. This whey is very effective in reducing gastric or acidity. The reason is the whey is beneficial for digestion. To prepare this drink, lemon juice, mint leaves, asparagus, a little salt, sugar or honey according to the need are required. After eating heavy diet,  a glass of whey or card can help eliminate fatigue in the body and help digestion.


Clove is very effective in digestion. If you keep a clove into your mouth and chew it, your bad breath of mouth will be removed. Although its taste is slightly tasteless and bitter but slowly becomes habitual. It also helps to reduce clotting vomiting. Clove juice can easily reduce acidity.

For those who regularly cook cinnamon is a very familiar name. From ancient times, Cinnamon was the main ingredient for making medicine for digestion or acidity to the physician. It acts naturally as an antioxidant and helps in reducing stomach gas. Cinnamon can be actually used in many different ways. It is used regularly in cooking, but cinnamon powder may also be used in soup or salad. For better results, cinnamon powder can be cooked with hot water or and drank regularly.


Emblica or Amluki is an important fruit for the body. It is not only that which helps digestion, it is also beneficial for hair, stomach, and skin. Every day, eating Amluki juice in empty stomach accumulates energy for the day. Amalaki contains a lot of vitamin C, which is quite helpful in reducing acidity and constipation.

Turmeric leaf

Turmeric leaf plays a very important role in good health. Mix powdered leaves of turmeric with hot milk and drink it regularly.It is very beneficial for health. Turmeric leaves reduce stomach gas and also help skin problems as well as skin care.


Potato juice

Potato juice is very beneficial to reduce the effects of gas in the stomach. Take some small pieces of potato and blend it and mix a little honey and salt in the water. Drink it before lunch or before a meal. It will  give you  a good amount of benefits. Those who have severe gas problems, they can drink this juice two to three times a day. But considering the taste, eating this juice is difficult for many people.

Mint leaves

Mint leaves play a very effective role in reducing stomach’s gas and vomiting. As soon as the gas pain starts, it will be better to take some mint leaves and chew it lightly.

If mint leaves mix with hot water and honey and drink it regularly,  it is very helpful  for the body.

Ayurvedic Tea

Ayurvedic tea has become very popular nowadays. Various brands of Ayurvedic tea leaves are now available very easily. But if you want to cook it in the house, you can drink tea by mixing Tulsi leaves, mint leaves, grapes, black cumin etc.

Most of the ways discussed so far are many different Ayurvedic and natural ingredients, which are less and more in each of our houses, and these are quite easy. But just thinking that eating these ingredients will reduce the gastric problems due to eating or playing regularly, it will not be advisable. To reduce the impact of gas or acid, we have to make some regular adjustments. Now those practices are discussed.

Eating habits

Eating in our daily lives is very important. Every day should be practiced a certain time for lunch and dinner. The dinner should be eaten as soon as possible. Before 10 pm. Try to do breakfast quite well. On the other hand, it is advisable to take a light midday meal. Eating no more food at a time, small eating habits at a certain time intervals will have to be developed. It is helpful for digestion to stomach.

Avoiding excess oil on food

Those who are suffering from regular gaseous problems should not only focus on medicines, but also give more attention to food. Extra oils should be left to eat food, fast food, spicy food etc. Balanced food should be maintained in the daily diet list. Regular use of oil in the daily diet will be reduced and a lot of fruit should be eaten.


Drinking enough water

Drink plenty of water to reduce the gas problem. So be sure to drink adequate water say 2/3 liter per day.

Gastric problems may increase due to excessive smoking. It is very difficult to get rid of smoking and it needs strong willpower. But to get rid of the problem of gas, smoking habit must be omitted.

 Ensure adequate sleep

Sleeping irregularity  is a very important symptom of gas problems. Sleeping is directly connected our whole body movement. If there is not enough sleep, if there is excessive anxiety or too much excitement, there is a great deal of discomfort in digestion. So be aware that adequate sleep can be ensured.

Physical Exercise

After hearing the name of the Physical Exercise, many people are scared behind two feet. To be honest, the reason for most of the health issues in Bangladesh is the lack of regular exercise. It is almost impossible for the working people to do the job today. However, exercising 20-30 minutes a day is not a very difficult task if you have desire and concentration. Another important thing is to take care of everyone that, we do not lie down as soon as we eat at noon or night. At least one hour to two hours apart is essential in eating and sleeping.

Many have become increasingly active with gas problems in the daily life. Nowadays it is difficult to find someone without the gas problem. Gas drugs are now available in the lane, in the small shops of the neighborhood. But eating extra medicines is not good at all, it’s certainly not known to anyone. It is, therefore, better not to think difficult to apply natural remedies mentioned above to eliminate gastric problems for ever to keep our health fit and strong as well as live a better life.