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Olive is fruit. We eat is raw and by making pickles. We prepare Oil from this fruit. When the winter season began, this fruit comes to the market. Although we rarely like to eat this fruit by making molasses.  Raw fruits have many benefits. By eating raw olives regularly, we may keep ourselves away from many diseases.

Now, let us know the reasons to eat olive regularly –


  1. Olive to reduce the risk of cancer


These fruits are one of the sources of vitamins. It contains mono-saturated fat. Olive’s vitamin-E prevents the abnormal formation of cells. It reduces the risk of cancer.


  1. Olive for Heart protection


When fat accumulates in the blood vessels of the human heart, it causes most likely a heart attack. The anti-oxidant of olives prevents the heart from becoming blocked. In addition, it is very useful in the protection of mono-saturated fat hearts.


  1. The source of the iron


Olives are a source of iron, especially black olives. Iron helps blood circulation in our body. And olives are best for natural iron sources.


  1. To eliminate constipation


The oil of  olive accelerates the digestion of the human body and helps against indigestion.


  1. In the eye care

Olive is beneficial for Eye Sight

Vitamin A is found in this fruit. So, this fruit is beneficial for Good Eyesight. Vitamin A is good for the eyes. For those whose eyes are sensitive to light and darkness, olives work as medicines.


  1. Olive oil to prevent allergies


Studies show that olives help prevent allergies. It contains a lot of vitamin C, which is effective in healing skin infections and other wounds.

7. Olive improves Brain Health

olives help reduce oxidative stress caused by inflammation. So they also protect the tissues of vital organs (i.e. your brain!) from harmful and potentially irreversible damage. It contains vitamin E, an antioxidant. It improves cognitive decline and recognition. Diets that rely on olive oil as a primary fat source are also associated with a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

8. Improves Blood Sugar

Extra virgin olive oil, in particular, could lower blood sugar as early as two hours after a meal. The oleic acids (a heart-healthier type of fat) and polyphenols in olives can help too. Research shows diets high in monounsaturated fats and antioxidants may lessen the risk of type II diabetes.

9. Olive as Pickle

Above all,  pickle is the most favorite pickle all around the world the whole year. This pickle is very much tasty with any food or without food.

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