Healthy Eating after 60

Healthy Eating after 60

Healthy Eating After 60 is an important factor to maintain a healthy and peaceful life. Human body changes as  get older, but a balanced diet will help to stay healthy. We should know what to eat and how to keep healthy as we get older.

Whatever our age, it’s important to eat  healthy, balanced diet. This means we should try to eat:

  • plenty of fruit and vegetables – at least 5 portions of vegetables and 2 portions of fruit a day
  • some bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and other starchy foods – choose wholegrain varieties if we can
  • milk and dairy foods
  • meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein – two portions of fish a week, including a portion of oily fish
  • just a small amount of foods and drinks which are high in fat or sugar

We should select the below foods to stay healthy when we get older:

Food rich in fibre

Eating foods containing fibre could be good for digestion. Constipation tends to become more  as we get older, but fibre-rich foods can prevent constipation and other digestive problems.

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Warm Water | Health benefits of drinking Warm Water.

Benefits of drinking Warm water in empty stomach every morning.

A glass of Hot Water

A group of Japanese Doctors confirmed that Warm Water is 100% effective in resolving some Health Problems such as:

  1. Migraine
  2. High Blood Pressure
  3. Low Blood Pressure
  4. Pain of Joints
  5. Sudden increase and decrease of Heartbeat
  6. Epilepsy
  7. Increasing level of Cholesterol
  8. Cough
  9. Bodily discomfort
  10. Gout Pain
  11. Asthma
  12. Whopping Cough
  13. Blockage of Veins
  14. Disease related to Uterus & Urine
  15. Stomach Problems
  16. Poor appetite
  17. Also, all diseases related to the Eyes, Ear, and Throat
  18. Headache


Get up early in the morning and drink approximately  2 glasses of warm water when the stomach is empty. You may not be able to drink 2 glasses at the beginning but slowly you will.


DO NOT eat anything 45 minutes after taking the water.

The Warm Water therapy will resolve the health problems within a reasonable period such as :

  • Diabetes in 30 days
  • Blood Pressure in 30 days
  • Stomach problems in 10 days
  • All types of Cancer in 9 months
  • Blockage of veins in 6 months.
  • Poor appetite in 10 days.
  • Uterus and related diseases in 10 days.
  • Women problems in 15 days.
  • Heart diseases in 30 days.
  • Headache/Migraine in 3 days.
  • Cholesterol in 4 months.
  • Epilepsy and paralysis continuously in 9 months.
  • Asthma in 4 months.


If cold water does not affect you at a young age, it will harm you at old age.

  • Cold water closes 4 veins of the heart and causes a heart attack. Cold drinks are the main reason for heart attack.
  • It also creates problems in the Liver. It makes fat stuck with the liver. Most people waiting for the liver transplant are victims of cold water drinking.
  • Cold water affects the internal walls of the stomach. It affects the large intestine and results in Cancer.


Tell someone to tell someone, IT MAY SAVE SOMEONE’s LIFE.

From:  Dr. D. Mensah  Asare.

According to the most recent two medical treatises in India, Ayurvedic medicines and Chinese Unani medicine, our body’s good and bad side depend on the amount of water being consumed and how much it is consumed. Because if you look at it, you can understand that the lioness of our body is made from water. So it is important to drink adequate water.

Both ancient and present medical sciences agree that drinking warm water rather than cold water can benefit the body, especially in the morning, empty stomach. The benefits that are available in this case are …

1. Warm Water Reduces constipation.

Warm water reduces Constipation.  If you drink warm water in the empty stomach, your Bowell Movement will improve and thereby your constipation will be removed. Along with that, all the dirt in the body will come out. As a result, constipation problems will be naturally solved. As well as lower abdominal pain, indigestion, and another bowel disease will be removed.

2. Increases Skin beauty.

More than one study found that warm water in the morning increases the body temperature. As a result, toxic substances mixed with blood started to get out of sweat. As this happens, the brightness of the skin just increases.

3. Improve digestibility

As already discussed, drinking warm water in the empty stomach increases body temperature. As a result, the body has to work on an excessive level to bring the temperature to the normal level. Due to this, natural improvement in digestion naturally occurs. That is why Ayurveda doctors give advice on eating a cup of hot water after eating more sour spices. Because this will not make a problem to digest food.

4. Improves Liver and kidney functions.

Several studies have found that, after drinking hot water in the stomach, liver and kidney function began to increase. As a result of which the metabolism system improves. Actually, after the heart, kidney and liver is the most important part of the body. So if the liver and kidneys are okay then there is no other thought about the body.

5. Reduce the hardship of the period

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Weight Gain & Weight Loss | Basics on healthy weight and Fat loss.

WEIGHT GAIN & WEIGHT LOSS  of body is an important factor to lead a happy and healthy life.  It is said that Health is Wealth. Also said, Money is lost, nothing is lost, Health is lost,  something is lost. So, We have to follow some rules and regulations in life to lead a healthy life.

Today, I am going to describe some fundamental rules on “WEIGHT GAIN & WEIGHT LOSS. It will teach us to lead a Happy and Healthy life with sound body and thereby LIVE BETTER. These are about physical structure, weight gain, weight loss, and strength. Let us describe step by step.

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Psyllium husk (Isupgul Bhushi)

8  deadly diseases will be removed by drinking psyllium husk (Isupgul Bhushi) regularly.

Isabgul or psyllium husk is well-known in many countries including Bangladesh, India. It is very useful for domestic treatment and remedies of the peptic system of health. However, the benefits of this white husk are not limited to intestinal remedy only. There are many health benefits to this husk. Such as:

* Removal of constipation

Psyllium husk or Isabagule is an excellent combination of some insoluble and soluble diet which helps act as a very good home remedy for constipation. It helps to clean all the waste material inside the stomach.

To remove constipation, stir two tablespoons of husk in a glass of hot milk and drink it every day before going to bed.

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Reduce Fat

By reading this article as well as any article of this site, you will be able to gain knowledge of Healthy Food, Health Care, Fitness, Cure & Healing, Health news. all kinds of Fruits, Spices, Foods, Vegetables, Beverage, Health Tips etc to LIVE BETTER or liveinbetter.

10 ways to reduce fat without Exercise.

Fat in body

The fat stored  in the stomach due to lack of physical work, working for a long time by sitting and without moving at all. As a result, those who are unable to make time for exercise; they can reduce their body fat by some simple habits every day.


Eat three parts of  garlic every day: wake up every morning and eat 2/3 parts of garlic in empty stomach, drink juice of lemon immediately after eating the garlic. It will work very fast as double to reduce your belly fat. Besides, it will increase blood circulation in the body smoother.


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Mint Leaves

Mint Leaves are always found in the market.  These leaves are like Coriander leaves. There is a lot of mint leaves in our day to day dish, but it has medicinal benefits, most of us don’t know it.

Amazing Health benefits of Mint Leaves (Pudina)

Mint Leaves

We use the Mint Leaf (Pudina) as beauty Care. Researchers say that it is not a plant to eat but it is herbal plants that help us in many ways. As such, today we will talk about the important Health Benefits of mint leaves. It helps in Digestion, Treats Nausea & Headache, Prevents Respiratory Disorders, Treats Asthma, Aids in Breast Feeding, Reduces Depression & Fatigue.  It is used for Skin Care, Prevents Memory Loss, Weight Loss, Improves Sterility, Oral Care, Cures Allergies & Hay Fever, Prevents Cancer


Health Benefits of Mint Leaves:

1) It reduces the irritation of sunburn,

Add this leaves with aloe vera juice and mix together to the skin. After 15 minutes, wash with water. See the sunburn inflammation is disappeared.

2) Mint Leaves prevent Cancer: 

Surprisingly, the quality of the mint leaves is effective. Many scientists claim that it has an ingredient to prevent cancer. It contains  Perilla alcohol which is an element of photo nutrition, prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body.

3) Skin Care:

To reduce the acne and skin oil, grind fresh leaves and apply them on the skin. Retain for ten minutes and wash it. To remove the acne, add the mint leaves on the scars area every night. Use it every night if possible till the removal of acne. If not possible whole night, then keep on your face  2/3 hours. After then,  wash it well. If you use mint leaf in this way for a month, Acne spots will be disappeared

4) Herbal Medicine for Lice:

If you have lice in the hair, you can add root juice of Mint plant in your hair. The best medicine for lice is the juice of mint leaves or roots. Apply this juice well on the whole root of the hair. Then put a thin cloth over your head. Wash with shampoo after an hour. Use this juice two times a week. Your head will be Lice free within one month.

5) It relieves Breathing Problem:

If there is a congestion in the nose due to cold, breathing problem, mint leaves will help you. During the cold, If you eat mint leaves, you can get rid of cold. These leaves are quite effective in those who suffer from asthma and cough problems. If you get too much breath and cough problems, then you can take a pot of hot water and keep some leaves in it. Take a breath of creating a habit of gargle. You will feel easy.

6) Mixing of rosemary, mint, bamboo, cabbage and herbaceous extract together produces a toner and increases the brightness of the skin. Also look smooth.

7) Medicine for Stomach disorder:

It contains antioxidants, which can solve any problems in the stomach instantly. If you drink tea with fresh 4/5 mint leaves It relieves problems with digestion and abdominal pain or stomach ache problems.

8) For Body refresher:

The juice of mint is very beneficial to keep the body cool in summer. Put some mint leaves in the water before bathing. The body and mind are prolonged fresh after bathing with water.

9) Prevent physical infections:

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Fresh Dates

Dates is a wonderful fruit of amazing health benefits . It is not like raw  fruit  Apple, Orange, Mango Pineapple etc.  It is not only a delicious fruit but also a medicine for many diseases. Despite knowing the benefits of dates from around half a thousand years, even today, the small fruit has not been able to become a place of health conscious list. This Delicious  rare fruit contains plenty of fiber, minerals and vitamins. Especially for people who are suffering from constipation or any type of stomach disorder, this fleshy delicious fruits is the medicine for them.Additionally, the fiber diet works as

a bulk laxative

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Health  benefits of  Chickpeas.


Chickpeas is a very healthy food. We can eat Chickpeas in many ways. It is very Delicious and nutritious food. We all know about the quality of raw Chickpeas. But most of us don’t know the Health Benefits of Chickpeas. Every 100 grams of raw Chickpeas  contains about 18 grams Protein,  carbohydrate is approximately 65 grams, only 5 grams of fat, 200 milligrams of calcium, vitamin A ‘is about 192 micrograms and plenty of vitamin B1 and B2. There are also various types of Vitamin, Mineral salt, Magnesium and Phosphorus in Chickpeas. Besides these,there are also many more benefits.

This Chickpeas  is a high protein contained foods . This Chickpeas can be eaten in raw or cooked as curry . The raw grams can be eaten by cooked, excreted or  raw with ginger, very helpful for body. This mixed food can help  body by Protein and microbial antibiotics  simultaneously. It makes humans strong and healthy. And antibiotics fight against any disease. Some of the great qualities of Chickpeas are-


This granules is a nourishing pulse. It is an excellent source of molybdenum and manganese. There are plenty of foliage and food fibers in the gram, along with the protein, tripeytopen, copper, phosphorus and iron.

Reduce the risk of heart disease:

Australian researchers have shown that adding it to the diet reduces total cholesterol and bad cholesterol levels. There are both soluble and odorous food fibers that reduce the risk of heart attack. Fiber, Potassium, Vitamin ‘C’ and Vitamin B-6 help keep the heart healthy. As a result, the risk of heart disease decreases. One study found that 4069 milligrams of Chickpeas per year reduced their risk of heart disease by 49%.

Regulation of Blood Pressure:

A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association shows that the trend of hypertension decreases in young people who eat too much Folic Acid foods. Since there is a good amount of folic acid in the Chickpeas, it is easy to control blood pressure by eating granules. Besides, Chickpeas helps in maintaining the heart health of girls later on.

Blood Transfusion:

Another study found that blood circulation increases in the artery of their feet, which consumes 1/2 cup grams, beans and peas every day. Apart from this, the Chickpeas enhance the efficiency of the arteries of people with ischemic strokes.

Prevent cancer

The Korean researchers have proved in their studies that by taking with more folic acid foods, women can keep themselves free from the risk of colon cancer and rectal cancer. Apart from this, folic acid reduces the amount of blood allergy and reduces the incidence of asthma. And eat grams regularly and stay well.

Different dishes of Chickpeas:


Popular meal during the Iftar in Ramadan is Chickpeas . In our country, peas are eaten in many ways. It strengthen the body , bone, its role is essential to increase resistance of disease . It contains plenty of potassium which is an essential item for Heart.


Chickpeas regularize Cholesterol. Chickpeas reduces unnecessary cholesterol in the body. Most of the fat or oils in grams are polyunsaturated, which is not harmful for the body. Apart from protein, carbohydrate and fat, there are more vitamins and mineral salts.

Removes constipation:

Chickpeas removes constipation. There are also food-fibers in Chickpeas. Fibers cure constipation. Food fiber is not digested. So the amount of feces increases and the closet is soft.

Beneficial in diabetes:

Chickpeas is beneficial for Diabetes. 100 grams of Chickpeas contains 17 gms of protein or protein, 64 g sugar or carbohydrate and 5 gm fat or oil. Glycemic index of carbohydrate is low in Chickpeas. So the sugar in Chickpeas is good for diabetic patients. Each 100 grams of Chickpeas contains 200 gms calcium, 10 mg of iron, and 190 mg of vitamins A. There are also vitamins B-1, B-2, phosphorus and magnesium. All of these beneficial for  the body.

Increase sexual power:

It plays a very important role in increasing sexual power . Grilled dried gram is beneficial for removing old cough or coughs in the airway. Chickpeas leaves as curry is also very beneficial for the body. There is a large amount of dietary fiber , Thin fiber in the diary fiber diet, which removes constipation. So it is not just for Ramadan month, it should be favorite food partner in your 12 months dishes.

Reduces the fat of Blood:

It  reduces the fat of Blood. Most of the fat in this peas is poly unsaturated. This fat is not harmful for the body, but also reduces blood fat.

Removal of the unstable feeling:

Since the amount of Glycemic Index is low in Chickpeas, after eating this grams, unstable feeling of body reduces.

Prevention of disease:

It prevent disease. If raw chickpeas are consumed with raw ginger, it will meet up the demand of Protein and antibiotics of the body. The protein makes humans stronger and healthier and the antibiotic develops resistance to any disease.

Removes Burning:

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Benefits of Thankuni Leaf


Benefits of Thankuni Leaf

Scientific Name: Centella asiatica; English: Centella


Benefits of Thankuni Leaf


Benefits of Thankuni Leaf: There are many benefits of Thankuni leaf. It is simply a leaf. like vegetable found all over the world particularly in moisture area. In most of the Asian region, it is found. We use various medicines for healing from various cure diseases and pests, most of which can lead to harm. We always accept antibiotics for the release of various diseases such as typhoid, diarrhea, cholera and especially stomach disorders. Which is also very expensive with side effects and out of the purchasing power of low-income people. But you do not know that there are some herbs around your house which grow without any care but naturally, that will not only reduce your even expenditure but also save you from different types of disease. This is beneficial herbal medicine. Today We will explain the benefits of Thankuni Leaf.

This leaf has been used since the birth of ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Because the use of the Thankuni leaf or Brahmi spin, or the gain of the brain increases a lot. There are many more benefits to match it. Because the quality of this leaf has also been recognized by modern medical science. So start eating today to find the path to disease-free life.

Contribution of this leaves to medical treatment is immense. Many patients are relieved from the herbal oil of the Thanakuni by processing. Direct access to the Thanakuni by food means a proper role in the treatment of diseases. In the different region, this leaves is called in various names. For example, Thanakuni, Tea, Manaki, Tetra, Bamaya, Dokamoni, Thulkuri, Manamani etc. It is usually found on the bank of the pond. Doctors say that if you can take the medicines regularly, you will not have to suffer from abdominal pain. Again, it does not only keep the warm spring fresh, but also helps in the development of intelligence. It can be eaten from childhood. Thankuni is very useful in keeping youth and keeping healthy. Let’s know more about using Thankuni.

Some Benefits of Thankuni Leaf

Thankuni leaf

  • There is no substitute for the treatment of stomach disorders, you can eat it regularly to get rid of any abdominal pain. Do not suffer for your stomach ache.
  • Apart from stomach pain, it is possible to cure ulcers and various skin diseases in the skin. Thankuni can be used in more ways. For example, skin glow and new hair growth cannot be terminated.
  • The Bacoside A and Bacoside B components of the Thanquni helps in the formation of brain cells and increase blood circulation.
  • Bread gourd mixed with small amounts of bark, pineapple green leaf 1, raw turmeric juice, 4/5 of the so-called ‘chickpea’, this mixture good for stomach.  It’s even more effective for younger kids.
  • Thanakuni is very beneficial for skin cells. Thancuni ras can rearrange dying cells. And from being dry, the dry skin becomes smooth.
  • If you do not cure any old wounds, it is very beneficial if you have a paste of boiled leaves.
  • Thuncuni helps in stopping hair loss and growing new hair. In this case, Than Kuna is unique.
  • If you feel weak as you grow older, in that case, you will be able to retain youth by drinking the drug of the Thankuni every day. To improve the looks, one glass of milk with chickpea leaves will be added to milk, which will increase your confidence.
  • There is no substitute for Than Kuna leaf behind the different diseases of the teeth. Benefits of bleeding, gums and teeth pain can also be found. If the water is cooled with the juice of the Thanakuni leaf, the pain of the teeth will be greatly reduced. If the skin of a large bowl is the plaque, then the body can get good results soon.
  • The nanotechnology helps to keep the nervous system active. In addition, 1 poya mixed with half a pound of milk and mixed with pseudoscopic pancake juice mixed together with pistachios, it is good to have a stomach gastric after playing 1 week every morning.
  • With the help of eggplant / peppered with mint leaves, cooked drunkenness every day gives digestive strength increases.
  • It is beneficial to drink juice and juice of Thankuni leaves.
  • Blood pollution is good for playing with 4 tablespoons of chickenpox leaves and one spoon of honey every day for 7 days.
  • If the children are not clear, the words of 1 spoon of Thankuni leaves will become clear when they are hot.
  • Every morning, the juice of the chicken pores and 5/6 drops of yellow juice is mixed with a little sugar or honey.
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    How to keep Liver Healthy? First of all, we should know, what is Liver. Large and complicated reddish-brown glandular organ located in the upper right portion of the abdominal cavity; secretes bile and functions in metabolism of protein and carbohydrate and fat; synthesizes substances involved in the clotting of the blood; synthesizes vitamin A; detoxifies poisonous substances and breaks down worn-out erythrocytes. So, many important functions are performed by Liver.

    Liver is the most important part of the body. We must be careful to keep our liver healthy. In most cases, liver damage causes due to some bad habit.


    1. Avoid wine, oil-spiced foods, to avoid fatty liver problems, but beware of low fat foods. Leave in the supermarket immediately after purchasing low fat or 99 percent lower in fat food. Fat is omitted from all these foods, but there is plenty of sugar added to keep the taste. This increases the lever problem.

    2. Do not eat if you are in stress – what are we doing, if we feel less energy? Many people want to fix the mood by eating something during stress. Doctors advises not to touch the food during strain to keep the liver well. During Stress, liver cannot digest well .

    3. Herbal Care – Even if it sounds strange, there are many roots of some trees that help keep the liver healthy. Dandelion, Milk Thesal, or the root of Turmeric helps keep liver healthy.

    4. Supplement- Be careful while eating protein or vitamin supplements. Choose supplements that help in lever detoxification. Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C liver keeps clean. Amino acids in the proteins are also good for keeping liver clean. Omega three fatty acids help keep the liver healthy.

    5. Beware of medicines – Some drugs cause liver damage. Stay away from all these drugs. Some painkillers, such as tealenal or cholesterol, cause significant damage to the liver.

    6. Coffee-tea, how many times have you heard of the loss of the body by drinking coffee? There are many benefits to drinking coffee. Research shows that drinking regular coffee reduces the risk of lever infection by at least 14 percent.

    7. Toxin – poisoning on the skin has a bad effect on the liver. The poison is absorbed in the blood through the skin. So stay away from spray, toxin.

    8. Plant protein- To keep the lever healthy, choose the right foods. Better Plant Protein For Liver From Animal Protein Eat pulses, greens, nuts, fiber.

    9. Easy buzzing- Collects toxin in alcohol liver. As a result, excessive drinking damages the liver.

    10. Healthy Fat-Fat is extremely beneficial for the body. So do not completely eliminate fat diet to keep liver healthy. Olive, walnut foods contain healthy fats.

    More information to keep liver healthy:

    Liver is an important part of our body. Unhealthy living conditions have a bad effect on the liver. Weight loss, heart disease, feeling a lot of time fatigue, digestive problems, allergies, etc. These diseases can be seen due to ill lever. So to keep body and liver healthy, identify some foods that keep you healthy –

    The lemon antioxidant material helps keep the body liver clean and the De Limenne element activates the liver enzymes. Moreover, lemon, vitamin C creates more enzymes in liver which is suitable for digestion. The lemon mineral increases the strength of liver to absorb various nutrients. Make lemonade at home and keep for drink at any time. Drink lemonade every day, honey can also be mixed if you want.

    Garlic is the best food to keep liver clean. Enzymes of garlic clean the harmful toxic elements of the liver. It has two more elements called Alicin and Selenium which keep the liver clean and protect it from harmful toxic elements. Take 2/3 garlic cloves at any time. If you want, you can also eat vitamin made with garlic by consulting the doctor.

    Eating one apple per day: it keeps the liver healthy. Apple’s pectin, fiber removes cholesterol from the blood and toxin from the digestive tract and also keeps the liver healthy. There are some more elements in Apple-Malice acid that naturally removes harmful toxins from blood. Any kind of apple is good for the body liver. So take one apple every day to keep liver healthy. read more