10 Tips for age 50 .

mark-sisson-inspirational-fitness-photos10 Tips for age 50 and staying in Shape and beyond. 

Once you reach the age of 50 , you may notice it is harder to stay fit and in shape, but there are plenty of options for your diet, exercise routine, and mental health that can incorporate into your lifestyle to make sure you stay fit at age 50 and in the years beyond. Here are some tips for staying fit after 50:

1) Eat Well: Your are recommended to take balanced diet ,vitamins and nutrients for your age group and gender to stay in shape and fit after age 50. A vegetarian diet is highly recommended at any age; as it is typically cleaner and less hazardous o one’s health.

2) Exercise Regularly: It is important to maintain a steady exercise routine , and it’s possible for anyone to exercise. Even if you have health problems holding you back for more intense work outs, make sure you do some type of exercise to keep your muscles toned and flexible, so you are less likely be injured.                                        

3) Keep Positive: Keeping your mind as stress-free as possible is especially important as you reach and surpass age 50. It is important to keep a positive outlook for overall mental and emotional health.

4) Strengthen your mind: Keep your mind active by doing activities that keep you thinking. Spend some time reading a book or doing crossword puzzles or other forms of activity books. These are great to keep busy or to work on before bed.

5) keep up with the times: Keeping up with the ever-changing technology and scientific advances is very important in staying fit after 50. Learning new information on a regular basis makes you feel and appear younger.

6) Enjoy the outdoors: Nature is a wonderful cure for many of the stresses that happen after age 50. Nature keeps you fit, happy and healthy with the Sun’s Vitamine D.

7) Keep in touch: Make sure to keep in touch with your loved ones. Both your family and yours friends. Keeping in touch with those who you are close with makes you feel good at any age. 

8)Smile : If someone does something nice for you, smile at them as you thank them. If you notice a happy family  walking down the street or your neighbor working on their car or walking their dog, smile at them. Smiles make everyone happier, no matter what age you are.

9) Try a new Activity : Try a new activity or sport to stay fit. Consider low-intensity activities like YOGA or SWIMMING to start off. If you haven’t been keeping up your work out routine over the years, Yoga and Swimming are excellent options for you to stay fit after 50.

10) Volunteering :As you reach retiring age, consider volunteering more. This is a great way to stay fit both physically and mentally. It makes you feel good and helps others, too. If you have grandchildren, volunteering is a great way to stay involved with them regularly too.