Heart Attack


The body will give seven signals one month before the heart attack

You may already know heart disease and stroke are now a major cause of premature death worldwide. This is usually caused due to a decrease in blood flow to the heart. Or if there is a block in the circulatory blood vessel.

But if you catch the symptoms  in the future, it may be possible to avoid premature death. The body will start to give some warning signs a month before the heart attack. Here are seven symptoms that are visible when you see that you are going to be suffering from a heart attack soon. If you have symptoms, contact the doctor immediately. Let’s know the symptoms:


  1. Unusual physical weakness is a symptom of Heart Attack

This is when the flow of blood flowed less than its usual rate and there is  obstruction of blood circulation. The symptoms of cardiovascular disease appear in the presence of fat in the blood vessels and weakening of the muscles.

Drowsiness is sometimes a symptom of Heart Attack

  1. Drowsiness

When the blood flow to the body decreases, Drowsiness also occurs. When the blood flow to the brain decreases, the Drowsiness is formed.


  1. Cold sweat

If the flow of blood is reduced, the dampness of the body will feel damp and cold.


  1. Chest pain is a common symptom.

If you feel pain in arm, back and shoulder pain, contact the doctor immediately. Chest pain and contraction are a major symptom of heart disease.


  1. Cold or flu

Many victims of a heart attack have been seen to be suffering from cold-cold or flu.


  1. Breathing difficulties

These problems arise if there is not enough oxygen and blood supply in the lungs. If there is a problem of heart, blood flow in the lungs decreases. There are problems with shortness of breath.


  1. Vomiting, indigestion, abdominal pain

Bloating, indigestion, heartburn or abdominal pain can often be a pre-symptom of a heart attack. So consult these cardiologists with these symptoms.

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