Mint Leaves

Amazing Health Benefits of Mint Leaves (Pudina)

Mint Leaves are always found in the market.  These leaves are like Coriander leaves. There is a lot of mint leaves in our day to day dish, but it has medicinal benefits, most of us don’t know it.

We use the Mint Leaf (Pudina) as beauty Care. Researchers say that it is not a plant to eat but it is herbal plants that help us in many ways. As such, today we will talk about the important Health Benefits of mint leaves. It helps in Digestion, Treats Nausea & Headache, Prevents Respiratory Disorders, Treats Asthma, Aids in Breast Feeding, Reduces Depression & Fatigue.  It is used for Skin Care, Prevents Memory Loss, Weight Loss, Improves Sterility, Oral Care, Cures Allergies & Hay Fever, Prevents Cancer


Health Benefits of Mint Leaves:

1) Mint Leaves reduces the irritation of sunburn,

Add this leaves with aloe vera juice and mix it together to the skin. After 15 minutes, wash with water. See the sunburn inflammation is disappeared.

2) Mint Leaves Prevent Cancer: 

Surprisingly, the quality of the mint leaves is effective. Many scientists claim that it has an ingredient to prevent cancer. It contains  Perilla alcohol which is an element of photo nutrition, prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body.

3) Skin Care:

To reduce the acne and skin oil, grind fresh leaves and apply them on the skin. Retain for ten minutes and wash it. To remove the acne, add the mint leaves on the area of the scars every night. Use it every night if possible till the removal of acne. If not possible whole night, then keep on your face  2/3 hours. After then,  wash it well. If you use the mint leaf in this way for a month, Acne spots will be disappeared

4) Herbal Medicine for Lice:

If you have lice in the hair, you can add root juice of Mint plant in your hair. The best medicine for lice is the juice of mint leaves or roots. Apply this juice well on the whole root of the hair. Then put a thin cloth over your head. Wash with shampoo after an hour. Use this juice two times a week. Your head will be Lice free within one month.

5) It relieves Breathing Problem:

If there is a congestion in the nose due to cold, breathing problem, mint leaves will help you. During the cold, If you eat mint leaves, you can get rid of cold. These leaves are quite effective in those who suffer from asthma and cough problems. If you get too much breath and cough problems, then you can take a pot of hot water and keep some leaves in it. Take a breath of creating a habit of gargle. You will feel easy.

6) Mixing of rosemary, mint, bamboo, cabbage and herbaceous extract together produces a toner and increases the brightness of the skin. Also, look smooth.

7) Medicine for Stomach disorder:

It contains antioxidants, which can solve any problems in the stomach instantly. If you drink tea with fresh 4/5 mint leaves It relieves problems with digestion and abdominal pain or stomach ache problems.

8) For Body refresher:

The juice of mint is very beneficial to keep the body cool in summer. Put some  leaves in the water before bathing. The body and mind are prolonged fresh after bathing with water.

9) Prevent physical infections:

Juice of this leaf benefits as an antibiotic to prevent any infection of the skin. Make dry leaves and make mint water and refrigerate. Bathe in a bucket of water by adding ten to fifteen tablespoons of mint water. We can use this leaf in the summer to get rid of bacterial-stupid bad odor from the body. Because the astringent is present in the mint. There will be no sweating, allergies.

10) Relieves physical pain:

This leaves are very beneficial to get rid of any pain immediately. After reaching the mint juice in your body, nerves become fresh and thereby relieve pain. Therefore, it can be used to release a headache or joint pain. To relief from headaches, you can drink this leaves with tea. Or you can eat some fresh mint leaves. Joint pain can be relieved with a mint leaf.

Mint Leaves

We can plant these leaves in a tub generally with moisturized mud in our balcony. We can grow it keeping some mud in a plastic container. Interestingly, ants and mosquito flee away where these plants are kept nearby.

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