Eggs Every Day

Images of some Eggs to Every Day for better health and live better. What Happens When You Eat 3 Whole Eggs Every Day…

Many health organizations consider eating eggs as bad for your health because they contain cholesterol. In fact, the truth is that the existing cholesterol amounts in the body can’t be increased by eating eggs, they are just replaced. If we eat every day, we can live better with sound health as well.

It is very beneficial for our overall health.      


It is of great importance to eat the whole egg, along with the yolk and white because the  yolk is full of nutrients like calcium and iron, and almost half of the egg’s protein is in the white. We present you 10 reasons why you should consume more frequently:

By reading this post, we will be learning the benefits of eating Eggs every day like ,Protein, Nutrition, calories, Health Benefit etc.

It help to improve performance

Eggs can make you feel fuller because they have a high satiety index. 6g protein and other nutrients are contained in one medium sized egg. As we all know breakfast is the most essential meal of the day, so we recommend you for your breakfast to combine an orange juice or fruit with an egg and low Gl bread.
It  can help to iron out problems
Headaches, irritability, and tiredness are symptoms of iron deficiency. The  yolk has a heme iron form, which is very beneficial for the immune system, energy metabolism, and moreover it is known as an oxygen carrier in the blood.
It improve nutrient adequacy of the diet
Eggs are an essential part of a nutritious diet due to its content full of nutrients. A study showed that people who don’t eat eggs can have vitamin A, E, and B12 deficiency. People who consume eggs get 10-20% of folate, 20-30% of vitamin A, E, and B12. This is another proof that of eggs importance.
It does not increase blood cholesterol
Eggs were considered as unhealthy food because they contain cholesterol. But many studies have proved that there is not a connection between the consumption of eggs and coronary heart disease. You should know that saturated and trans fatty acids are far more harmful to your health, than the cholesterol contained in egg yolks. Moreover, they are a great source of protein.
It  can help to promote weight loss
Many studies have shown that starting the day with eggs can increase satiety in people suffering from obesity, and can help in the process of losing weight. It is considered that a toast with eggs has a 50% higher satiety index than cereals.
Eggs help to promote brain health
Choline is a nutrient which has the ability to improve the development of brain in fetus, newborn, and even at people at old age. Also, it will enhance your lifelong memory. Eggs are known as an excellent source of choline which is very beneficial during pregnancy. So it is very important to consume eggs because one egg can provide 28% choline.

Eggs help to prevent cataracts and to protect eye -sight

The risk of cataracts and retinal degeneration which is the major reason for blindness can be reduced by a regular consumption of spinach, eggs, and broccoli. Eggs are full of numerous healthy nutrients and antioxidants. These vitamins can improve your night vision, can protect your eyes from sunlight damage, and can reduce the development of cataracts by up to 50%.

It provide the best quality protein

Protein is known as the most essential part of our diet due to the fact that our body needs it in order to repair the old muscle tissue and to build new one. And as we said before, It is  a great source of protein.

It has more protein than Milk, Fish and Meat

Also, milk, fish, and meat are known as excellent sources of protein, but among these, egg protein is considered as the best one. Milk is rated at 93, fish and beef at 75, while egg has a rating of 100. There is the same protein content in 1 medium sized egg and in 30g cooked meat, poultry, or fish.

Eggs can help to protect our bones
It is  full of vitamin D, the most important vitamin for maintain the health of our bones, and for calcium absorption. This is the reason why eggs are known that they can prevent osteoporosis, along with the dairy products which are packed with calcium.
Eggs promote healthy hair and nails
The consumption of eggs can improve the health of your nails and hair because it contain sulphur amino acids and a lot of minerals and vitamins. Many people who include eggs in their diet, claim that it  stimulate their hair growth.

Besides above, we can make different kinds of food by egg like, Egg-Salad, Egg Pudding,