Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullah and a very good day to you all.  I am  K.M.Rezwanul Ahsan. I am from Chittagong, Bangladesh , a small green land of river and natural beauty. I have become interested to make this website titled as LIVE BETTER on a particular topics regarding natural food and its health benefits for a better living. I hope the articles contained in the site will encourage the dear readers to earn a little knowledge on how to live better and thereby lead a peaceful life with sound health.
Day by day our all type of tasks are growing as the technology grows. We are running after the new innovation and making ourselves engaged in different types of works. Consequently, our health does not get any rest and healing. On the other hand  artificial goods, foods , intake and medicine are acquiring the major space in our life. As a result ,  We become ill in lieu of better health and healing. We cannot live in better position with our ailment.Considering the present situation of the human physical deterioration around the world, I personally interested to know the benefit of natural foods , herbs, spices and apply in my own life. With this view point, I started to study about the said topics and afterwards decided to make a Website on the natural foods, herbs, spices, fruit for the fitness and better living  of human being around the world. Finally, accumulating the knowledge so far gained, I have launched the website www.liveinbetter.com to help others to live better in this busy days.Hope all of my dear readers will enjoy and gain some knowledge which will enable you to live better and lead to enjoy a healthy and peaceful life. I will be grateful to my dear readers for any suggestions for improvement of the site through my email : kmrezwan275@gmail.comYou may be connected with me through Facebook

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Wish you live better and let your journey be a pleasant and successful one.