Oil into the Navel

Oil into the Navel for Disease-free life.

Today our topic is Oil into the Navel. If you have the problem of pain, knee pain, cold, flu, colds and skin in the unbearable knot, then pour two or three drops of oil into the navel. Within a moment, your body will be able to overcome all these problems.

Do not believe it?  But it has been proved in more than one study.

Experts have just poured out two or three drops of oil in the navel and shed these problems.

You will be surprised to know, people still follow and believe in traditional medical practice. These traditional treatments also provide great results.


If you regularly use certain oil by 2/3 drops in your navel, you will feel that,  many diseases like magic are reduced and even recovered and there is no side effects.

Why is it late? Let us know what type of oil you can use for different diseases. Below are some benefits of uses of different types of Oil.


Sprained lip and Joint pain:

Mustard Oil

Give two or three drops of mustard oil to your navel. Your eyes may be on your forehead, what can be the relation between the lips and the knot with the navel? However, if you massage with a few drops of mustard oil, you will recover your lips normal and your joint pain will reduce gradually.

Secret weakness:

Massage 4-5 boiled coconut or olive oil in the navel. Using it three days a week, your secret weakness will start decreasing and fertility will increase.


Knee Pain:

Castor Oil

Before going to sleep at night, massage a few bottled castor oils. If you wake up in the morning, your pain will decrease.



Neem Oil

Gently massage 2/3 drops of neem oil on the Navel by fingertip. Using this oil a few days will reduce your acne. But do not use this oil in your face as if it could be opposite.


Bright  Skin:

Almond Oil

Massage the three-four drops of  Almond oil with your navel. In this way, you will see how your skin has brightened in a few days. Besides, massaging a few boiled ghee on your navel will make your skin soft. You will become more affectionate.


Flu or cold problem:

Put a cotton ball on alcohol and keep it on the navel. See how quickly your cold-related problems have decreased.

Seasonal pain: Dip a cotton ball in the pain of the menstrual period, then put it on the navel. Thus, the use of the practice several times a day will reduce the pain.



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