downloadEntertainment Keeps our mind  fresh  and lead a happy life.

Entertainment has always been a part of culture and tradition no matter the country, place, or time.

Different types of Entertainment keep our health & mind fresh.

Fresh mind leads us a happy life. Below are the different forms of Entertainment.


For Entertainment, banquets have been commonly used by nobles as a form of entertainment. Their main purpose was to show off the noble’s riches and influence, however, it has slowly changed to more hospitable reasons and to support other forms of art like music and/or dancing. For banquets, entertainers had to hone their skills, nurturing and helping entertainment flourish.

These banquets are now replaced with more specific celebrations like weddings, religious obligations, birthdays, and political achievements. There are still performers for these events, but it has branched out to other forms as well like cooking.


Music was used mainly to support other forms of entertainment. It was used as background music for storytelling, for singing, and it is a vital component in dancing. After this era, music became widely known and eventually separated as a specific form of entertainment.

Previously, music was only available for musicians or in the presence of one. Through broadcasts and records, it is now possible for people to listen to their favorite songs at any time of the day.

Games & SPORTS

At first, games & Sports were played for the sake of recreation. It was a way to pass the time while holding various social meetings. Games used various equipments, using balls, boards, or dices that were made specifically for that game.

With the recent times, online gaming has become a very famous pastime for players of various ages and social ranks. It also involved either a single person playing the game or a team with specific conditions to achieve victory. Online games have also undergone evolution and they are now played in various tournaments with players that come from all over the world. In some countries, online gamers have even achieved something like a celebrity status.


When various forms of entertainment were received for the social classes or simply too expensive for the common folk, reading became a very reliable form of entertainment. Books were not too costly and they could be reread or traded with fellow book enthusiasts. Reading also had various uses such as getting information, to pass the time, to record local folklore or to provide a simple form of distraction.

Cartoons and comics also belong in this category, since they are in printed media although they include graphics or drawings to provide an entertaining story plot. Comics range from philosophical views to those that are simply made for entertainment.


Before the invention of video and audio recording, performances in front of a live audience was a major source of entertainment. Theatrical performances covered a wide range of genres including drama, theater and music. In the early centuries, playwrights and royal courts put forward performances that had complex storylines and also included acting, dancing, and singing.


There are many types of dance according to the event or cultural practice involved. It can be serious when expressing a country’s important stories or history; and it could also be in the form of comedy. It is also one of the few forms of entertainment that combine other forms into it like singing, storytelling, and theatre.