FootballHow to Play Football



Things You Need
Guards or pads
Wrist guard
Protective footwear
Elbow guards
Football, know as soccer in the United States, is played with an inflated ball on a rectangular grass field or artificial turf. The ball must be 27 to 28 inches in circumference and weigh between 14 to 16 ounces.

Note that match time varies by playing level–school, college and professional. For professionals, it is 90 minutes divided into two equal halves. It is the referee’s prerogative to offer a break at the end of 15 minutes, if necessary.

Remember that each team changes position on the field after the first and third quarters.

There is one goal keeper on each team. His role is to defend the opposing team from making any goals. He is the only person who is allowed to touch the ball with his hands.

Observe that the referee first tosses a coin in the air. The team that wins the toss will kick-start the game from the line of scrimmage at the center of the field.

Know that the real playing starts when the toss-winning team keeps on passing the ball among its members. This aim is to push the ball into the opposing team’s territory in order to score a goal. At this stage, players of the other team try to defend their goal and stop their opponents.

The different field positions include Left Back, Right Back, Center Back, Left Wing Back, Stopper, Right Wing Back, Defensive Center Midfield, Free Role, Left Forward and Right Forward.

The goalkeepers make every effort to prevent the other team from scoring a goal on them.

Consider the penalty corners that are crucial for both the teams. They are offered to the offense team when the defense team makes a foul, especially close to the goal-making area.

Assess the performance of both teams. The team that scores the maximum goals overall wins.