Reduce Fat


10 ways to reduce fat without Exercise.

REDUCE FAT  is the burning issue of developing countries around the world. The fat stored in the stomach due to lack of physical work, working for a long time by sitting and without moving at all. As a result, those who are unable to make time for exercise; they can reduce fat from their body by some simple habits every day like Drinking Lemon Juice, Avoid Sugary Foods, Drink Plenty of Water, Avoid too much Mead, Sufficient Sleep, etc. Some of them are mentioned below:


Garlic reduce Fat

Eat three parts of garlic every day: wake up every morning and eat 2/3 parts of garlic in an empty stomach, drink juice of lemon immediately after eating the garlic. It will work very fast as double to reduce your belly fat. Besides, it will increase blood circulation in the body smoother.


Lemon Juice reduce fat
freshly squeezed lemon juice in small bowl

Take half a lemon chip in a glass of hot water, add one pinch of salt to it. Do not give sugar. Drink this every morning. This is the best way to reduce excess fat and fat in your body.

Do not eat sugary foods to reduce fat:

Avoid Sugary Foods to reduce fat

Stay away from sweet or sweet foods, cold drinks and fried snacks in oil. Because these foods accumulate fat in different parts of your body, especially on stomach and thighs. So instead of eating them, eat fruits.


Avooid too much Spices

Do not use extra spices in cooking. But some spices help to reduce weight, like magic. Use cooking cinnamon, ginger, and peppercorn. These will help reduce your blood sugar and reduce fat of stomach.


Stay away from meat to reduce fat:

Less take red Meat to reduce fat

Avoid excessive fatty meat as much as possible. Instead, you can choose cooking chicken by low oil.

Sufficient sleep:

take sufficient sleep

If sleeping is sound, less fat is stored in the body. Sound sleep helps in removing fat and fatigue in the body.

Do not bear burden of mental stress:

Try to reduce the pressure as low as possible. Because of stress, there may be several problems in your body. As a result, the body’s digestive capacity decreases and the body fat starts to grow.

Drink plenty of water:

Drink plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water every day increases metabolism of your body and exposes the harmful elements of blood to urine. As fat is increased due to metabolism, excess fat is dropped.

Be active in work:

The work of the office is sitting now adays, there is not much chance for the body to function. So try to walk down the road to a previous bus stop, walk along the stairs. As a result the body will be very active. Do not get the chance to get fat.

Eat fruits and vegetables every day:

Fruits & Vegetables

Try to eat a bowl of fruits and vegetables every morning and evening. In this, your body will get plenty of anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamins. And they will reduce your belly fat by increasing metabolism of blood very easily.

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