Psyllium husk (Isupgul Bhushi)

8  deadly diseases will be removed by drinking psyllium husk (Isupgul Bhushi) regularly.

Isabgul or psyllium husk is well-known in many countries including Bangladesh, India. It is very useful for domestic treatment and remedies of the peptic system of health. However, the benefits of this white husk are not limited to intestinal remedy only. There are many health benefits to this husk. Such as:

* Removal of constipation

Psyllium husk or Isabagule is an excellent combination of some insoluble and soluble diet which helps act as a very good home remedy for constipation. It helps to clean all the waste material inside the stomach.

To remove constipation, stir two tablespoons of husk in a glass of hot milk and drink it every day before going to bed.

* Diarrhea prevention

Psyllium husk or Isabagul is able to prevent both diarrhea and constipation at the same time. To prevent diarrhea, stir two tablespoons of husk with 3 teaspoons of fresh curd and drink it after a meal. Thus, it will give effective results if drunk twice a day.

* To prevent acidity.

Most people have acidity problems and may have home remedies for this condition. Drinking Isopgul Husk regularly creates a protective layer on the inner wall of the stomach, which protects the stomach from burning acid. It also helps in proper digestion and the emission of stomach acids.

* Reduce weight

Isabgul is a good tool to help achieve the goal of weight loss. It gives a feeling of having a long time filled with stomach and reduces the desire to eat fatty foods. It helps to remove waste material from the stomach, helping the digestion process be more effective and healthy. In the low hot water mix two tablespoons of Isopgul husk and little lemon juice and eat it right before eating. If you wake up in the morning and drink this in an empty stomach, it will help reduce the weight.

* To improve digestion

* Soluble and an insoluble diet full of Isopgul husk helps to keep the digestion process in good condition. It does not only help to keep the stomach clean, but it also helps the movement of foods in stomach discharge and stomach waste. Therefore, it can be used regularly to improve the digestive system.

* Fitness of Heart.

Isabgul helps decrease the level of cholesterol levels that protect us from heart disease. It helps in the recovery of heart disease because it is high-fiber rich and low-calorie. Doctors always prescribe foods that prevent heart disease.

* Prevention of diabetes

Isopgul husk is a very good drink for those who have diabetes. When it takes in the stomach and becomes a substance like jelly, it slows down the glucose breakdown and absorption. Consequently, Diabetes is in control. After meals, drink it regularly with milk or water to prevent diabetes. But do not mix with yogurt, it can cause constipation.

* Piles resistance

These naturally soluble and insoluble drinks are very helpful for those who are suffering from acute problems like cramps and piles.  It does not only help to clean the stomach, helps to soften the stools by absorbing the intestinal water and also helps in getting out of the body without pain. It also helps in reducing inflammation. Mix two teaspoons of husk with a cup of low hot water and drink this before going to bed every day.

* Warning:

This is the only domestic solution to the mentioned problems. If there is a very serious condition then consult a doctor.

* There are some things to be careful when buying Isopgul Husk.

* Buy packaged husks.

Never buy open husk, they can be spoiled and adulterated, which may prevent them from getting better results.

* Nowadays, various types of the packet made artificial flavors are available. But if you want to get good results then do not eat these artificial flavors and eat common isabgul husk.

* It is sold by mixing artificial flavors and colors to the common isabagul, which is very bad for health. So it is best to eat normal Isopgul husk.